Some people can't sleep on an airplane. Tom Wagner of Lafayette can. He might not ever do it again after his experience over the weekend.

Wagner boarded a flight in Lafayette headed to Houston over the weekend. Like many passengers do, he drifted off to sleep, expecting to be awakened at his destination in time to get off the plane and make his connecting flight.

Wagner did wake up. He woke up in a darkened aircraft alone. He then called his girlfriend to ask her to call United Airlines to alert them to the fact that he was still on the plane. Shortly after that phone call the doors were opened by the maintenance crew who demanded to see Wagner's credentials. When he explained that he wasn't part of the crew, that he was a passenger, there was a certain amount of skepticism.

Eventually Wagner's story was verified and he was allowed to deplane. For his trouble Wagner was compensated with an overnight hotel stay in Houston and $250 voucher for air fare since he missed his connection to Los Angeles. Appearing on NBC's Today Show Wagner commented that he wondered why none of his fellow passengers or any of the crew members tried to wake him up.

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