The superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment were in town last weekend for a house show in the Cajundome.  Of course, just like every other time wrestling has made a tour stop in Acadiana, this wrestling fan got his tickets early.  Based on the card we had been announcing on the Dawg, I knew I would enjoy the show.  We'll get to that in a little bit.  Right now, let me tell you about what happened several hours before the show.

Kane, a really big dude

After signing off last Saturday afternoon, I went to Red's to play tennis.  I'd heard rumors that some of the wrestlers were working out there, but I didn't pay much mind to them.  As I'm walking into the locker room, Imindlessly bumped into a guy walking out into the gym.  As I said "excuse me," I looked up and saw that I didn't walk into any ordinary man.  I saw Kane looking down at me.  He said, "excuse me" back.  I replied, "No problem, Glenn.  Sorry about that!"  Christian was walking right behind him.  He gave me an inquisitive look as he strolled past me.



About ten minutes later, I'm in the snack bar ordering lunch when Sheamus walks in.  "Hey, Sheamus!  Welcome to Lafayette," I said.  "Thanks, man," he replied.  "It's a pleasure to be here."  He brings his water and Muscle Milk to the checkout line, and we continued our conversation.

Sheamus, a real nice guy

"How are you enjoying the city so far?"
"I love it, man!  The people are great.  Are you going to the show tonight?"
"Yes, sir!  I'll be there."
The checkout girl then called Sheamus over and gave him his bill.  I intervened
"Don't worry, bro.  I got you."
"No, man," Sheamus said.  "You don't have to do that."
"Don't worry about it, brother.  Just kick somebody's [butt] for me in the ring tonight."
"I really appreciate it.  Do you want an autograph or picture or something?"
"If I had my phone or a pen, I'd take you up on it."
"Thanks, again . . . What's your name?"
I told him my name and we exchanged salutations.  As I'm eating lunch, he, Cody Rhodes, and  John Cena were leaving.  Sheamus shouts across the room, "Thanks, again, Ian!  See you tonight!"  Everyone, including Rhodes and Cena, looked to see who he was talking to.  I waved and shouted, "No problem!"

A couple of hours later as I'm leaving, I see a man who looks awfully familiar.  "Good afternoon, sir," I said.  He looks up and says, "Hey, how's it going?"  As soon as I saw his face and heard his voice, I knew exactly who he is.  "Wait," I say as he continues walking.  "Aren't you Arn Anderson?"  "Yes, sir" he shouts as his pace grows faster and stronger.  I froze.  I had just met one of the greatest pro wrestlers of the last generation.  Finally, I mustered the composure to shout, "Holy crap!  I'm in the presence of greatness!"  Arn let out a loud chuckle and threw up the four-fingered salute of the Horsemen.

By the time the afternoon was over, I had met many of the wrestlers I'd seen on television but never though I'd meet in person.  I was totally geeked out by this point and was even more excited to get to the Cajundome.  I was hoping the event itself wouldn't let me down.


Coming soon, WWE Wrestling Weekend Recap, Part II:  A Review of the Supershow.

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