Wynonna Judd went to bat against the media and stuck up for her baby sister, actress Ashley, when a talk show host criticized the newly-separated younger Judd for not having any children during her marriage. It showed the strength of their sisterly bond. However, Wynonna was investigated for installing a GPS tracking device in her sister's car to track her moves. She has now admitted to doing so, but not to follow her sibling.

TMZ reports that it was Wynonna's daughter who reported the suspicion about a tracking device placed in the car to a mechanic. A device was found and thus was reported to the authorities back in November. The cops launched an investigation into who put it there... and why.

The report reveals that Ashley told the officers that she believed it was Wynonna who put the tracking device in her car. The cops then reached out to the private investigator whose name the device was registered to when they could not get in touch with Wynonna.

However, the P.I. wasn't talking.

A lawyer for Wynonna got in touch with the cops, saying it's all a big misunderstanding. She admitted to the putting the device in the car, but not to track her sister. She wanted to track her daughter, who was making use of the car.

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