To say that it is pretty near unbearably hot in south Louisiana these last couple of weeks is quite the understatement. Our poor air conditioners are working extra hard to keep us extra cool.

Or you might be one of the unfortunate people whose A/C just can't keep up. Household Hacker to the rescue!

The popular YouTube channel has an easy and practical way for you to make a homemade air conditioner and it'll only set you back about eight bucks.

You just need a styrofoam cooler, two dryer vents, some frozen water bottles, ice packs and a fan. (The fan is something most of us have already so that doesn't factor into the price.)

Basically you fill the cooler with ice packs and the frozen water bottles. Then cut a hole in the top for a little fan to face down into the cooler and cut two other holes for the dryer vents, so the cool air shoots back out.

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, nice cool air!



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