We are so lucky, as country music fans, that we actually get the opportunity to meet and greet our artists! At concerts and especially at CMA Music Fest / Fan Fair, anyone who is a fan, or a member of the Fan Club, gets to have their photo taken with their favorite artist, get an autograph, and shake their hand. We have new artists coming to play for us 'Live in the Lobby', where we get a chance to hang out before these cats get REALLY famous. Apparently, this is not the case with other formats.

Pop / Rock star Avril Lavigne had a 'Hands Off' policy for her official Meet & Greet in Brazil recently, which resulted in some really hilarious photos with fans. Not only could you not touch her while having your photo taken with her, but you had to shell out $400 for the privilege of being in her presence!  Just one more reason why I'm glad that I'm a COUNTRY MUSIC FAN!

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