Country Music Hall of Fame member Elvis Presley is a beloved national treasure, even 41 years after his death. And just about anything he ever owned has turned into gold. And now you can have a piece of the jet set life style that Elvis once had....for a price.

The 1962 Lockheed Jetstar L-1329 that Elvis owned is up for auction, and being sold 'as is' by Iron Planet Auctions. You have until July 28th to put in a bid, but you're probably going to need some cash. And we mean a lot of cash, because the plane has been sitting outside in the Roswell, New Mexico 'Airplane Boneyard' for 35 years. According to the site, it needs a ton of work, and is missing major engine and cockpit components. On the upside, it is the only plane that remains owned privately, and is not on the grounds of the Graceland estate in Memphis. The auction site says it has red velvet seats, red plush carpet, and gold accents.

The plane was bought last year for $430,000 by a private citizen. If you want a piece of Elvis' legacy, now is your chance! See photos of the plane on the auction site here.

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