We are always looking for ways to show people that the great state of Louisiana is awesome - we know it, and anybody who has ever lived here knows it!!

Only in Louisiana has some hilarious ways to tell if someone is actually from Louisiana, and they are pretty spot on. Feel free to add your own in, ya'll!

  • You know at least one person named Bubba, or T-Boy
  • You stop washing your car until love bug season is over - it's pointless
  • You've boarded up your house more than a few times for a hurricane
  • You have no problem eating gumbo in the middle of summer
  • You're shocked that bars in other states don't provide go cups
  • You call shopping carts 'buggies'
  • You bust out the shorts on the first day of March
  • You're surprised when people out of state tell you you're 'too polite'
  • It's not technically 'cajun' if it's cooked with tomatoes
  • You know that a 'hand grenade' is actually an alcoholic beverage

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