Oh, for the days when all it took was a slinky, or a pair of jacks to mesmerize us for hours. Today, good luck trying to get you kids to look up from their phones at the dinner table.

Here is a list of some of our most favorite things that just aren't here anymore. Whether it's because they just aren't popular nowadays, or technology has replaced them, it's definitely a walk down memory lane to look back on these.

  • McDonald's Playplace. These came out in 1972, but most new McDonald's locations aren't built with the playgrounds anymore.
  • Sony Walkman Cassette Player. I hung onto mine for as long as I could, because I truly loved the original portable music player. They stopped making these in 2010.
  • Video Rental Stores. Believe it or not, there is only ONE store left in the whole USA today. Perusing the aisles for the latest movies out on video was so much fun back in the day.
  • Toys 'R' Us. Hard to believe that they won't be open this Christmas, but after 70 years in business, the giant toy retailer closed their doors earlier this year. It was a fun madhouse during the holidays, for sure!
  • Mall Arcades. Parents would park their kids in the arcade to shop in the mall, now we're lucky if parents even GO to the mall. The last mall arcade closed in L.A. in 2016.
  • ShowBiz Pizza. Remember the animatronic animals who put on a show while you ate? This was a family friendly restaurant that could quickly turn into chaos if the right amount of kids were inside. ShowBiz Pizza and Pizza Time merged in 1985 to become Chuck. E. Cheese.
  • Gameboy. The original was released by Nintendo in 1989, and discontinued in 2000. A short run for something that was so unbelievably influential in pop culture.
  • 'Oregon Trail for Apple ll' The original was born in 1985, but that is up for debate by many who have played it, and the later version released in 1971. Production on the video game ended years ago, but you can still find it on a new tabletop card game.

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