When it comes to entertainment, Game Shows have been a television staple for almost as long as the t.v. has been around. One new Game Show "Your Face Or Mine" could quite possibly be the most ruthless one yet! Why would anyone voluntarily put themselves through this?

In this video from "Your Face Or Mine" from Comedy Central UK, you'll see Ben on the show with his current girlfriend Harriet...and an ex fling Ruth. Ben and Ruth hooked up a few years ago while on each were on vacation. They saw each other a few times after that, but then each moved on.

Well, Ben has to tell the Game Show hosts which woman he thinks is hotter! A smart man, no matter what he really thinks, would just say that Harriet is the more attractive one. Ben gets this one right.

But, then the audience votes for who they think is the more attractive woman, and that's where you'll really start to squirm a little bit.

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