This is not a question that you want to bring up in mixed company. The passion for the Price Is Right TV show runs very high and very deep in this country. For a lot of older viewers the show was a highlight of a day home from school. For many younger viewers it's that show that grandma watches but it's fun to play along with. In the context of the show there are several pricing games that contestants play to win fabulous prizes and see if the can't qualify for the Showcase Showdown, the show's daily grand finale.

But when it comes down to the question of what is the best game in the Price Is Right's quiver of great games choosing the wrong game can make you an outcast. It's like if you were ask Ginger or Mary Ann and you chose Mrs. Howell or the Professor. You have to choose wisely and be ready to defend your choice to the death.

Here are some of our favorite pricing games from the TV show. I personally like Cliffhangers but I like yodeling and leather pants.


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    I believe the reason most people like Plinko is because like bowling, you can play it drunk. You can also win while playing drunk. It requires all the skills of dropping something. Most of us have that skill built in so Plinko is a fan favorite.

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    In Cliffhangers the contestant has to guess the price of a certain items, for every dollar he or she is off on the correct price the little mountain climber ascends toward the top of the mountain. If the contestant misses the prices by too much then the little Alpine lad tumbles to his death. That's why I like this game. I think there is a macabre connection between shopping and death.

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    Clock Game

    This game will have people screaming in your living room and it won't be because you're not wearing pants. This is the game where the contestant is shown an item and then he or she has to guess the price. The host of the show then tells them higher or lower. Then they start spitting out prices like children do vitamins. It's a great interactive game but there really isn't much to it.

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    Hole In One or Two

    Call me a sentimental old fool on this one. This is the golf putting game. The great Bob Barker  was a master at this game. I think he played a lot of golf and this was his only opportunity to show his man card on the show. The idea is to sink a golf putt from a designated starting point. The starting point was determined by how many prices the contestant correctly identified. The bottom line is it came down to a putt. You could tell some people have never held a golf club before. It's when that kind of contestant makes it the crowd really goes wild.

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    Race Game

    Unlike the card of the same name this is actually fun to talk about. The Race Game involves four prizes and the contestants job is to match the correct price with each prize. They have to do this in a limited amount of time.  Once they have placed their prices they return to home base and pull  a lever. That reveals how many of the prices they have correct. If they don't have them all correct they may changes prices as time permits.

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