My all-time favorite game show is "The Price Is Right". Even since Drew Carey has been the host, it still rocks as far as game shows go.

On Friday, the show had something happen I am pretty sure no one has ever seen.

First off, the show was celebrating Drew's 10 year anniversary of hosting the show. And to celebrate, anyone whose spins totaled $1 on the big wheel got $10,000 instead of the normal $1,000.

During last Friday's episode, it happened a whopping five times in a row!

The three contestants spinning the big wheel to see who makes it to the Showcase Showdown all totaled $1 on their spins in the first round. During the tiebreaker, two of them landed on $1 again!

By the end of the segment, the wheel dished out a total of $80,000, the most in the history of the wheel.

Anyone think this was rigged? ;)

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