What?!? Drew Carey is saying goodbye to the Price is Right? No, Drew Carey is staying put on the popular game show but he did get very emotional having to say goodbye to one very special cast member the other day.

Scott Robinson is not a household name on the popular game show but he has been very instrumental in keeping the Price is Right on top of its game since Drew Carey took over the reigns from Bob Barker. Scott is the man who taught Drew how to play all the games.

You probably never thought about that did you? Somebody had to teach the host how the games work? Well they do and Scott did. What I find very touching about this scene is how very genuine Drew is in his feelings for this unsung hero of the show.

In every job everyone of us has come across people who have shaped our lives and helped us along our career path and ultimately helped us in life. It's great to see friendship and kindness getting it's moment in the spotlight.

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