I just came across this video of a new hotel called the "Zero Star" hotel, and honestly thought I was watching a joke. I'm still not convinced this isn't. I admit, the scenery is incredible, but seriously? Isn't this just basically camping?

Brothers Frank and Patrick Riklin together with Daniel Charbonnier are the three who have come up with this idea. The idea is to offer people a completely unobstructed view of Switzerland's landscape.

A night's stay at the "Zero Star Hotel will set you back roughly $300. You get a great bed, and a butler, so there's that.

This idea is so ridiculous that no one in their right mind would pay $300 a night for this, right? Actually, they currently have 1,300 reservation requests. I'm serious.

You know, one time in college the ac in our rent house went out, so we set the TV and couches up outside in the front yard. Who knew we could have charged big bucks to let people come "vibe" on the "experience"?


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