Once upon a time a man would walk into a diner and order a cup of coffee. A gum chewing waitress would bring a cup, a saucer and be carrying a steaming pot of java. She'd pour the coffee into the cup, place the cup on the saucer and the man would drink his coffee, black. Now all that has changed. I feel like such a stranger when I walk into any of our local coffee houses.

What used to be the simplest beverage to order has now developed its own language. I have not bothered to learn that language. It takes too much time to decipher the long and tall and short and foamed if you ask me. I like my coffee straight up black. A good dark roast is just fine. If I am in a gourmet mood I will add some sugar or Splenda and maybe a splash of milk or cream.

If you'd like to learn the inner workings of the coffee lingo and not feel so left out when every one is up to their eyeballs in mocha latte's here is the video for you. The drinks are explained quickly and with just enough attitude to make you laugh.