Part of our job here at 97.3 The Dawg is to help you smile and even laugh during the day. Sometimes we find laughter at the expense of others who are less fortunate than us. That's right I am speaking of supporters, students and alumni of the University of Mississippi. As luck would have it the Rebels,Black Bears, Fighting Faulkners of Ole Miss are the next opponent of the Ragin Cajuns in football. While I don't believe in being mean spirited I do believe in some serious trash talking when it comes to college football.

My experience in dealing with the douche-canoes that set sail from Oxford Mississippi has been a life long battle. I grew up in Starkville Mississippi home of the much more loveable, inspirational and less douchey Mississippi State Bulldogs. My distaste for The Rebels began at an early age. I remember when Archie Manning played for them. It took a long time for me "like" Archie as a New Orleans Saint because of his college affiliation.  Deuce McAllister, I still have issues with him. His breakaway runs destroyed many a Mississippi State defense.

Here's to hoping Coach Hudspeth has gotten the attention of his team this week. I believe he has, in fact I expect the Cajuns to defeat Ole Miss. While Ole Miss is really good, the Cajuns are angry and they were embarrassed with last weeks performance.Who would you take in a fight? A preppy Ole Miss guy in cheap suit or a highly irritated Cajun?

To aid in the humiliation of Colonel Reb or Mr. Black Bear or what ever the Ole Miss mascot is these days I share with you these three jokes we recently used on the 5:20 funnies segment of the Bruce and the Kennel Club show. They are all rated G so you can let the kids hear them and if you feel like sharing them with some of your favorite Ole Miss people go ahead. I will caution you Ole Miss people get their feelings hurt really easily so you  might get a call from their parents demanding that you apologize for making them feel less than special.