As Tracy was just telling you on 97.3 the Dawg,the grocery store people have us figured out. They know that in addition to food for our families we need other little odds and ends to complete our shopping lists. Unfortunately these little odds and ends, add up to big numbers at the check out stand. So what is worth making an extra stop for?

But there are a whole host of other items that cost a premium in grocery stores because of the “convenience” factor. You can get them cheaper at a discount department or hardware store, dollar store, or drug store so leave the following items off your shopping list:

If you do your grocery shopping at a supercenter, you might find the best of both worlds but will your ice cream still be frozen by the time you walk half a mile to the other side of the store and then deal with the long lines at check out. It all works out if you plan ahead, give a click below and we will show you what we mean.