You are going to try this. Probably and hopefully in the privacy of your own home with your own ear buds but you are going to try this. Okay, if you are a male you are going to try this. If you are female you will never ever again contemplate asking to borrow some one's ear buds again.

There is a connection between the nostrils and the mouth. That connection is brought in to play quite often this time of year with the wonderful mucus exchange we all have between sinus and spitting. Since there is a conduit, a pipeline a wonderful closed course that conducts sound why wouldn't we all want to stick our ear buds in our nose and make the music come out of our mouths?

I urge caution to you youngsters who will no doubt stick the ear buds too far up your nose. It is going to be very embarrassing to go to your Mom and ask her to take you to the walk in clinic because you did this. So if you do stick your ear buds in your nose, be careful and send us a video of you listening to 97.3 The Dawg on RadioPup we might just give you something.