You know the Judd's right? Wynonna and Naomi have been keeping us entertained for years with their great music. We've also seen Wynonna struggle with personal problems from husbands to weight loss and Naomi has had her own share of health issues and other things. What about that other Judd? Ashley? We know she is still married to a red hot race car driver and we know she is still very easy on the eyes but when are we going to see more of her on TV? The answer maybe sooner than later.

Assuming the deal closes, she'll play a former CIA agent who travels to Europe in search of her missing son. Judd's next feature, Dolphin Tale, is set to hit theaters in September; Random House is also set to publish her autobiography in April.

I appreciate the Judds, all of them. They appear to be very honest hard working talented people that don't mind stopping to help out those around them. Good Luck Ashley, I will be cheering for you too.