What is it with all the bad guys here lately? It seems like almost everyday we're hearing of some new kind of scam. There is the funeral scam, the you've been arrested scam, the one ring scam and now comes a scam from the pages of Craigslist.

It seems the perpetrator in this scam proposes on Craigslist that he can help the victim secure a quality used car for just a few thousand dollars. Corporal L'Jean Mcneely of the Baton Rouge Police Department explained how con artist Larry Anthony Sherman pulled off his crime.

"He would meet the individuals, maybe at the local auctions, get their money. Once he had the money, he would walk into one side of the building and walk out the other with there money. The victims are left standing there, waiting for him to come out with their vehicle."

McNeely made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network who also reported that Sherman was arrested over the weekend. The charges against Sherman include five counts of felony theft. Officials fear Sherman may have duped others over the past few years. If this situation sounds strangely familiar you  might want to contact Baton Rouge Police.