We all know that germs spread around school campuses like wild fire. Most of us do not always think to run to the bathroom to wash our hands after we've touched a door handle or shook someone's hand, but there are a few, simple ways to prevent a cold or get rid of your cold faster.

1.) Keep your hands clean! Our hands and beneath our fingernails have the most bacteria and germs. It is very gross when you take a second to think about it. So get your hands out of your mouth and try to wash them more or keep an antibacterial hand liquid in your backpack. ALWAYS wash your hands before you eat. No exceptions.

2.) Stay rested. I know it is hard to try to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night because of studying, partying and everything in between. However, our sleep is so important. Put the iPhone and TV remote down and get some shut eye. Feeling refreshed in the morning is super.

3.) Take Vitamins. A daily Vitamin C pill can really help your immune system. If you hate swallowing pills, buy those yummy gummie vitamins. I've found that Airborne works really well for the boosting the immune system as well.

Now, what happens if you are already sick with the cold or flu...

1.) Drink hot liquids! Hot drinks and soups will relieve nasal congestion and open up all of your sinuses. A home remedy that has always helped me is a can of chicken noodle soup with minced garlic and minced jalapeno pepper. Simmer the ingredients on the stove for about twenty minutes. I promise the garlic and pepper will kick that cold's rear end!

2.) Blow your nose the right way. It is very important to blow your nose when it is running like a faucet. Sniffling snot and mucus back into your head only makes things worse. However, when you blow your nose really hard, all that does is send pressure into your head. Try to blow gently; it will be more beneficial.

3.) Take it easy. Don't go out and party, don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and don't eat junk food. Even though your friends are eating greasy cheesburgers for lunch and deciding where to go out downtown, don't budge! If you feel bad then do not make your body do anything.

Try to keep these simple tips in mind. It's funny because my motivation to write this post came from the cold that is developing in my head. That spicy, chicken noodle soup is sounding quite appeasing right now.