What is in a name? I know that is a question that has been contemplated by poets and people for years. I guess if names were really a big deal we wouldn't have nicknames. And if we didn't have nicknames then what would people from Breaux Bridge call each other?

Sometimes things are named perfectly and their name describes what they do or how they do it. For example, "Fun Jump". Just from the name you know it's fun and there will be jumping involved. Bacon Cheeseburger is another one. We know it's a burger with bacon and cheese, nothing difficult about understanding those. Pancakes, you make them in a pan and they are cake like, it's all good.

Other things you almost need a video guide to understand. How about "Happy Hour"? It isn't always happy and it usually last more than an hour. Almost anything you get at a coffee shop these days needs a translator. A venti grande macchiatto frappe -- what is that? How about just calling it what it is, an over priced cup of coffee.

Fortunately for us there is this video that clarifies some of the normal things we see everyday and renames them with a moniker we can all identify with. What things would you change the name of to make them easier to understand?