More layers of the Mickey Shunick disappearance case continue to be revealed. The latest news is about Brandon Lavergne being admitted to a Jefferson Parish hospital the same day Shunick went missing.

According to reports, Jefferson Parish deputies interviewed Lavergne at Oschner Hospital on Jefferson Highway at 11pm the night of May 19. Shunick disappeared at 2am earlier that day.

Lavergne told authorities he was attacked at a gas station at three that afternoon. He was driving around in an unknown area because his GPS was not working properly. As he stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, he claims he was attacked by a man in a white Saints jersey wearing a hat that covered most of his face. He says his wallet was stolen.

According to the incident report, Lavergned suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest, back, neck, and hand. Deputies questioned him about the location of the attack, but he was unable to provide that information. He could only tell police he was in town visiting a friend. Further interrogation revealed little additional information so he was released.

Police in Jefferson Parish have classified the incident as an aggravated battery and theft under $500.

This sure raises a lot more questions doesn't it?