I don't know whether this story will make you feel good or make you feel bad. If  you were around in 1984 it just might make you feel old. 1984 was a year that could have been remembered for a lot of things.

In Louisiana, we were having our World's Fair, I think we're still paying for that aren't we? Elsewhere most of the focus of the country was turned toward the movies.


If you were looking to escape the Summer heat and catch a movie this weekend 30 years ago, here's what you might have had to choose between.

Screen 1 - Ghostbusters- a very catch theme song, quick, Who Sang it?

Screen 2- Gremlins - The attack of the Killer Pekingese

Screen 3- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Everywhere Hans Solo goes he makes people mad.

Screen 4- The Karate Kid - The real one with Arnold from Happy Days not the Will Smith's kid one

Screen 5- Star Trek III- The Search For Spock - Not a choice for too many date nights I would guess, plenty of popcorn stuck in braces to be sure.

Screen 6-Top Secret - It was a musical set to the backdrop of the Cold War, who knew Communism could make you want to sing.

Screen 7- The Natural - Robert Redford swings a baseball bat and breaks a bunch of light bulbs. I did that in my Mom's house and got grounded so bad I had to move.

Screen 8- Police Academy - The one that started a long line of films that should not have been made.

Now if you were fortunate enough to live in a town that had a movie theater that had 8 screens you could have probably gone to see any or all of these movies in one weekend. Who knew that we were living in the golden age of great movies back then?

Of course if you grew up in Starkville MS you only had a choice of two movies at the local cinema. I think on this date in 1984 the Starkville movie theater was showing A documentary about Boll Weevils and a World War II era VD film. Maybe if we'd had better movies we wouldn't have become so darn good at cow tippn'.