Litter is litter no matter how small the piece of trash you happen to toss. That is the opinion of many in our state including Louisiana State Representative Patrick Connick. As we reported earlier, Connick was the author of a bill that would make tossing a cigarette butt carry an even bigger fine than regular littering. The current fine for littering is $250. Under Connick's bill that fine now jumps to $300 plus community service.

While some may argue how could something as small as a cigarette butt be worth all this commotion, Connick responds by saying,

"It may be small, but a cigarette butt is still litter. Don't just throw it out and let some else pick it up. Don't trash our state."

Connick made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.

Cigarette butts though small in size are large in numbers, especially when it comes to sweeping up trash. The dirty butts make up the majority of trash in most major clean up efforts. Connick's bill hopes to stem that tide and remind smokers to dispose of their used butts properly.

The House Natural  Resources Committee passed the bill yesterday and the bill will now move to the floor of the house for further discussion.