George Strait sings " I sure do love those Christmas Cookies" in his holiday classic "Christmas Cookies". There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies to bring the holidays alive in the eyes and hearts of kids of all ages. My personal favorite involves Oreo's, Cream Cheese and both of my kids to put it all together.

Most of us have favorite cookie recipes that we like to bake at holiday time. They are the ones we look forward to baking and serving as they are part of our family traditions and invoke pleasant memories. But, if you are like me, I always like to try something new and a little different. Sometimes they will get added to the next year's "must bake" list and sometimes not. Here are a few of my favorites, some I am sure you will recognize, others you may want to try.

You will find some great ideas for Christmas Cookies if you click below, some take just a few minutes to make, others are projects the whole family can be a part of. Why not bake a new tradition for your family this Christmas, click to get started.

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