Over the past few years one of the cherished symbols of the Christmas Season has been slowly being eradicated. The mere mention of its name has been the cause for intense public debate, legal posturing, and passionate outcries of inappropriate behavior. What is this most heinous of items that could stir such venom? The beloved Christmas Tree.

While the argument is not so much about the tree as it is about the name, the Christmas Tree has certainly been under fire in public schools. If proposed legislation now heading to the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives is passed it could mean the end of the "holiday tree" and the return of the Christmas Tree.

What's in a name? Well that's what Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh is trying to clarify. His proposed bill moved out of committee on to the full house on Thursday. Seabaugh explained to the Louisiana Radio Network what he hopes to accomplish by passing this proposal.

"The point of the bill is that you don't have to call it a holiday tree, it can be a Christmas tree and the Supreme Court said repeatedly that's okay,"
The so called Merry Christmas bill would clarify what public schools could and couldn't do in regards to celebrating the Christmas season. Seabaugh says his office gets calls every year asking if its legal to put up a Christmas Tree or have a Christmas Pageant.
The lawmaker says passage of this bill would ease everyone's mind. The bill does not allow for one religious preference over another but it does allow for certain traditions to be mentioned and celebrated by those who wish to do so.