The Constitution of the United States says that "cruel and unusual" punishment is against the law. I am sure the founding fathers put that provision in with good reason. I am glad they had the cooler heads of calm reason some 200 plus years ago. I say that because in light of recent events, the Mickey Shunick case and a couple of others, I would be inclined to not only be unusual but very cruel in dealing with the less than human scum that would commit such despicable acts against innocent people.

One of the crimes I would be particularly cruel and unusual in my dispensation of justice would be people that commit crimes against children. From what I hear even the bad guys in prison hate people that harm kids.  I think most parents and law enforcement officials agree the best way to deal with the sickos is to make sure that our children never have any contact with them. That is why Internet safety is such a big deal at our house.

Do you monitor what your kids see and do online? You might say, "My kids are good kids what could happen"? This video is a great illustration of the kind of bad people that are out there. On the Internet they can befriend your child quickly and easily, especially kids that are hungry for attention.

You might find this video to be very disturbing and I hope it disturbs you so much that you get off your apathetic backside and go check the history on your child's computer. I hope it motivates you to check their cellphone and text messages just to be sure.

I trust my children, but then again I trust them only as far as I think their age and maturity dictate. Soon enough they will be out on their own to face this cold hard truths of what can be an unkind world, my job, our job as parents is to protect them while we can and teach them along the way.