That headline right there, that is what you call an attention grabber. I find that when people start asking questions about my colon it's time for me to pay attention. The question, odd as it may seem, is a legitimate one. It has to do with sending the right verbiage to the wrong phone number. I am pretty sure I have done it at least a million times.

My question to you is this, "What is the strangest text message you have ever gotten"? A few weeks back a co-worker of ours got a text about a drug deal. It seems the "businessman" who previously had her mobile number was in the international herb importing business.  The website Reddit asked their users a similar question and the results are quite hilarious. (Caution some may be NSFW).

Now on to the part about your colon and a text message. I have the honor of working with some great advertising companies through out the state. Once upon a time I was the voice of a character in a commercial for a New Orleans Hospital. In that spot my character was "an inflamed and angry prostate gland ", ahh show biz!

Ever since that time the people with the studio have reached out to me with messages about my colon. It's an inside joke and a form of endearment. I recently changed my mobile number and I did not realize that I had not shared that information with some of the guys at the studio.

Yesterday a friend of mine who works at the a fore mentioned studio, reached out to me via Facebook and asked if I had gotten a new mobile number. When I explained I had, he said "Someone with your old number just got a very nice inquiry into the health of their colon".  If that was you, that message was for me. Regardless I hope your colon and all other internal organs are doing fine.