If you have a dog, that dog has a name. You don't call your dog by the name you gave him, you call him by a much cooler or cuter nickname don't you? I don't know why we even bother to give dogs a name until they have lived with us for a few months.






I once had a St Bernard whose official name was Smoky, she was called Mupper because of the funny sound she made when you scratched her ears. We had another dog, Max, the world's greatest dog and my dear friend for over 16 years. He was referred to as Maxine, Max-a-pedic, and LaQuisha.



(Courtesy Bruce Mikells and Cotton the Dog)




Our current dog, a Maltese is officially named Cotton however he answers to Cottonon, Sargent Dawg, Buddy Boy, Buddy Bear, Little Fellah  and Dumb Ass.






Jill's Dog that is smarter than her




Jill the almost invisible Intern has a Jack Russell Terrier named Trudy, she is most often called Na Na Truds.






Jill's dog that her Mother has to take care of





Rocky her Dachshund has been saddled with the nom de plume of Booger Beans.








Perhaps we should consider holding off on naming anyone or anything in our lives until we get to know them. How many people do you know that you don't even know their real name? Half the town of Breaux Bridge has a nickname and the other half wouldn't recognize them if you used their given name.

Here is what I would like to know from you, what is your dog's name and what do you actually call him?