Call me old fashioned but this brings into question just about everything I know about relationships. The ladies on ABC Television's The View broke this topic down on their show yesterday. I can actually understand the rationalization on the surface but aren't real relationships built on more than good looks and physical attraction? I have in my life known some very pretty people, many of whom I would not trust to watch my garbage can, much less give my heart too.

Did you marry the the love of your life because he or she was a total knockout? It may have been part of the package but I bet you looked a lot deeper didn't you? I bet you find values such as honesty and sincerity a lot more pleasing than nice hair and most of their own teeth.

It is my humble observation as someone who is not that attractive that the reason my wife likes me is because I make her laugh. That and the fact that I run a prompt carpool, keep a clean house, don't have drunken parties (anymore) while she is out of town and the last time I had a run in with the police it was a social call.

It's true the more attractive your spouse is, the more attention he or she will get from those who would like to get to know them. However there is something really attractive about confidence don't you think? The confidence in knowing that he or she will be going home with exactly who he or she is supposed to go home with.

I think what we are really finding out from our recent political and high profile sex scandals is this. The people we put on pedestals and in postions of power have absolutely no business being there. Do I make a good point? Or should I go take my face for radio and go sit in the dark so as not to scare the children?