CareerBuilder surveyed employers to find out the most common mistakes people make at job interviews.  Here is what you want to avoid next time your being interviewed:

1.) Answering your cell phone, or texting during the interview.
2.) Appearing uninterested in the job or the company.
3.) Dressing inappropriately.
4.) Coming off as arrogant.
5.) Saying negative things about your current boss or previous job.

Here are a few more unusual mistakes people have made happened during interviews:

  • Chewing gum
  • Interviewee brought a "how to interview book" with him to the interview.
  • Interviewee asked, "What company is this again?"
  • Candidate put the interviewer on hold during a phone interview, then came back and said she had a date for Friday night.
  • When a candidate interviewing for a security position was not hired on the spot, he painted graffiti on the building.
  • Candidate wore a Boy Scout uniform and never told interviewers why.

So remember folks, next time you are being interviewed for your dream job act smooth, polite and cool.