Forget Turkey, dressing and all the other material trappings of Thanksgiving, this is what being thankful is all about. The young man in this video was orphaned at three years old. He ran away from the orphanage when he was five to escape being beaten. He lived on the streets for ten years. He is self taught through elementary and middle school and finally earned a G.E.D. to attend High School.

This young man has had every excuse you could think of to quit, but he didn't. This may be the most inspirational video you will watch this year. It will certainly make us think twice about complaining about how hard we have it.

The video is from Korea's Got Talent and it can be quite cumbersome to read through the subtitles but it is worth it. Give yourself these three minutes to bask in the glow of the human spirit. This is the kind of story that reminds us that we can all do amazing things just as long as we never give up.