We all go through times in our life where we can't stand to think of "what bad thing could possibly happen next?"  At least that has gone through my mind on multiple occasions.  Sometimes it gets to the point where I say, "I really can't do this!"  It gets really irritating going through my day feeling like nothing is or will go right. You might think, Brad, that doesn't seem like you at all. Recently I got to the point where my days just couldn't be this way anymore. Best choice I have ever made!

Maybe you or someone you know has felt the same way at some point in life: Don't give up- I've got something I want you to try.

1) Appreciate the moment we are in right now: This is personally something I struggled with.  All I could think about were the exams I had, or my voice cracking giving a speech in class.  These worries took over my ability to enjoy "Now!"

The way I changed: What if I don't make it to give that speech tomorrow?  I waisted my last breaths dreading and worrying about me failing to perform well.

2) Move forward: I tended to dwell on the past.  What people said to me, did to me, how I could have gone to my sisters first soccer game.  What's done, is done.  If I keep repeating those things in my head: it will eat me alive.

How I've changed: When someone tells me "You are terrible at that" or  "You're a party pooper" I let it go through one ear, think about what they said, and 30 seconds later, bye bye!

3) Don't become a happier person, "Just Be One": I would get so stuck on, "How to be happy" instead of "I am happy."  Look at all of the things you have going for yourself.  Look at all the people you have cheering you on to do well.

How I've Changed: The best way for me to describe it is "live."  I wake up in the morning and say "I can't do it myself, but I will let nothing get in my way." Give random people compliments, or talk to a friend on the phone, or go for a run at 3 A.M. in the morning.

Basically, what I want to express is: If I can do these things, so can you.  We are not meant to be unhappy, but for those of us who have been unhappy before, "Let's do this together!"

What makes you the happiest?

Who makes you happy?