I guess I started running at an early age. I had older brothers and they chased me a lot. I remember playing rodeo with them, I had to be the cow. You learn to run fast under those circumstances. I do run now, not as much as I used to, but still the joy of being with friends and covering miles with conversation can't be beat. You can learn to run too. You don't have to break any speed records, you just have to have the desire to move and feel better for doing it!

"Men tend to get injuries from overdoing it," says former Olympic runner Jeff Galloway, a columnist for Runner's World magazine and author of Women's Complete Guide to Running, which he co-wrote with his wife, Barbara. "Women don't push the envelope as much when they are starting out, but because they have lower bone density, they're more prone to stress fractures."

Start slow, have fun, enter some events and make some new friends it is easier than you think!