Judge Judy, she is my favorite TV judge. I like the way she puts people in their place. I like the way she tells it like it is. I like the way Judge Judy stands for common sense and doing the right thing. Okay I like to see the bottom of the food chain come oozing up on to my television to air their dirty laundry. That being said, I can't believe this man said that to Judge Judy!

Then there is this beautiful brain trust, watch as she tells Judge Judy what she saw but she didn't see. Judge Judy jumps all over this.

Sometimes when the verdict is against people they take it out on the crowd, watch as this innocent gallery member gets a nice smack in the butt!

I think Judge Judy loves a physical demonstration of the evidence. If she doesn't that's okay because I sure do. This guy made me laugh out loud!

And finally the only thing worse than being guilty in Judge Judy's courtroom is being stupid enough to say it outloud. Meet dumb and dumber, Judge Judy style.