Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. The story of a missing hunting dog that was allegedly set free during a burglary last week has hit animal lovers especially hard.

Boz, a ten year old Lab, was released from his kennel during a truck burglary at a Lafayette Hotel last week.

As Boz roamed the area around the hotel he came in contact with two pit bulls. The altercation left Boz with fatal injuries and he was put down by animal control authorities on Friday. The two pitt bulls involved in the incident were euthanized as well. Many citizens are outraged that the man who was arrested for the crime, 49 year old Barry Guidry, will be charged with only simple burglary.

Many people feel that his actions of breaking into the truck where Boz was housed ultimately created the circumstances that cost the beloved hunting dog his life. A facebook page,Justice For Boz, has been created to bring attention to this matter and according to one of its founders Lisa Kane,

Our goal is to seek prosecution to the fullest extent.  This crime was more than the breaking and entering that law enforcement seems to be reporting and charging as.
Can your station help by keeping us in the North updated as to the progress and direction of the criminal investigation?  That could be as easy as posting on the Justice For Boz page. Many of are prepared to launch a vigorous outcry. Many of are retriever trainers who travel and stay in your community with regularity. How can we keep coming down, if our dogs won't be safe? Tourism, monies spent in lodging and food and gas, can all be affected.
How do you feel about this issue? Should the man charged with breaking into the truck where Boz was housed be held accountable for the dog's actions as well? It will be interesting to see if the court of public opinion can sway the justice system in this issue.