Last night lightning flashed, thunder rumbled and heavy rain fell across much of Acadiana as a rare July cold front pushed through the area. This cold front won't bring too much in the way of cold temperatures but where you and I will feel it the most is in the form of lower relative humidity. Relative humidity is the measure of how much moisture the atmosphere is holding and when that number is high, you and I are usually miserable.

The radar scan from KATC's Power Doppler HD shows thunderstorms pushing off the coast. You can still see the flashes of lightning in the early morning sky but that should become less visible with the breaking day. For our friends working offshore on the rigs your forecast will be quite a stormy one for much of today as the system slows down just south of the Louisiana coast.

Don't get too used to the idea of lower humidity as the frontal system is expected to wash out or push back to the north by late Thursday. A couple of upper level disturbances are expected to form along the frontal boundary during the day Friday and that will bring an increased chance of rain and thunderstorms to the area for the early part of the weekend.