Trough the first few days of November, Lafayette and Acadiana have experienced a lot of chamber of commerce weather. You know, the kind of weather that is bright and sunny, warm, but not hot, and just perfect. Today and tomorrow we'll have more of the same, but by Wednesday morning things are expected to change.

While Dave Baker is suggesting a high temperature in the upper 70s for today, those short sleeve afternoons will give way to heavier coats and windbreakers by Wednesday. A strong cold front pushing through the Rocky Mountain states is expected to enter and exit Acadiana by late Tuesday. This frontal system should bring the coldest temperatures of the season to the area.

While today's temperatures may seem springlike, by Tuesday afternoon temperatures will only top out near 70 degrees. That 70 degree reading will seem rather cool because of a gusty wind from the north that will drive cold Arctic air into the region. By Wednesday morning the temperatures across much of Acadiana could be in the upper 30s with wind chill readings much colder than that.

Temperatures should begin to become more moderate by Friday and there is a better than average chance of showers in the long range forecast for the weekend.