There is something magical about the first real cool snap of the fall. It's as if the stench and oppression of the long hot summer have been washed right out of the air. We all look forward to the cooler weather of fall for so many reasons.

When might we actually get to experience this first cool snap? Dave Baker, our morning show meteorologist thinks that might be coming by a week from Sunday. According to Dave's blog on the KATC website, model forecast runs are starting to show some consistency. This consistency indicates that a rather strong cold front could be moving through the area by October 6th.

This cold front should be strong enough to lower temperatures significantly across the region. Right now the models suggest daytime high temperatures in the low 70's while over night low temperatures could be near 50 degrees. This also bodes well for quashing any tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. We generally have a small spike in tropical weather during the first and second week of October but maybe a nice cold front will really put us on the downside of the Hurricane Season.

These models are very long range and the potential for errors in timing and intensity are very likely. Still, the fact that several models are now showing a similar weather pattern and time frame lead us and Dave to think the cooler temperatures we all have been craving will be here within the next couple of weeks.