Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control

Troy Hebert, Commissioner for  Louisiana's Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is the subject of a racial discrimination lawsuit. The suit was filed by a Baton Rouge attorney on behalf of three clients who claim Hebert and his department discriminated against them because of race.

"Mr Hebert has engaged in a systematic effort to rid African-American employees from the ranks of the supervisory level within the enforcement division,"

According to Mr. Smith, Hebert made the work of  his clients so miserable they would either resign or have a meltdown.

Hebert denies the claims and says any actions taken against Mr. Smith's clients were based on performance or lack of performance.

"As far as performance, I think the tax payers deserve an honest days work for an honest days pay and as long as I'm commissioner I'm going to make sure they're getting that,"

The issue will now go to a hearing. A date for that hearing has not been set at this time.