My first thought after writing that headline is "Oh My God, what have we become?" The fact that our state or any state would need to have legislation like this passed shows that America has really slipped. I understand why this legislation had to be proposed and I even get why it passed. What I don't understand is why we let it get this bad without fixing the problem ourselves.

By a vote of 93-1 the Louisiana House passed legislation that will result in higher fines for those that attack referees at youth sporting events.  Metarie Representative Cameron Henry sponsored the bill and he explained to the Louisiana Radio Network what offenders can expect.

"The proposed fine is not less than a $1,000, no more than $5,000," Henry said. "If it results in an injury the same penalty, plus up to ten days in jail and you might be required to do some anger management classes."

While the legislation did pass with a resounding majority of votes not all of those voting agreed with the increase in fines.

"The concern is that they already have a right to file a battery charge against somebody and take them to court. I don't understand why the fee has to be so high on this,"

That's what Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith had to say to Louisiana Network reporters in regards to this bill.

The unfortunate bottom line is this. More and more people are becoming violent toward officials at high school games, rec league games and even younger leagues. This should not have to come down to legislation. This should have been parents and league officials removing overzealous fans and parents before the specter of violence even entered the playing field.

What do you think will be next? Armed guards for Junior Varsity contest? 6th grade volley ball games surrounded by cops in riot gear? I am glad the legislation is passed and those that don't play well with others will be punished. I am just very sad that it had to come to this.