Hadacol, I never knew it personally but I know people who would swear by it. Hadacol was once just as famous in Louisiana as crawfish, jambalaya and money under the table.  It seems the magic of Hadacol was in its preservative. The preservative turned out to be 12% alcohol.Making it a real hit in the dry parishes and counties of the Deep South.

The vitamin supplement was developed by Dudley Leblanc, a Louisiana politician from Vermilion Parish. This magic elixir seemed to bring energy to the tired, vitality to the weak and ease the mind of the downtrodden. It seems amazing since Mr. Leblanc had no background as a doctor or as a pharmacist. He did posses a great ability to self promote and a legend was born. Mr. Leblanc was also known for his candor and unique ability to speak the truth, well his version of what the truth seemed to be. He was known far and wide and his product Hadacol became another Louisiana legend.