Professional baseball is a sport for people who enjoy meaningless tradition, limited action and the opportunity to behave poorly in public. This is not my idea of a national pastime. Maybe once upon a time baseball was a sport where families could go and enjoy an afternoon or evening of great fun but it appears those are days long since gone by.

Just to be clear, I am not dishing on College Baseball such as you might enjoy at Tigue Moore Field or Alex Box Stadium. I am aiming my disappointment a professional baseball.

What is it about a foul ball, or a ball tossed into the stands that makes seemingly sensible human beings act as though they are starved animals fighting for a scrap of food. This past week we saw a toddler crying his eyes out because he didn't get a foul ball. He was later given another ball to ease his pain. Great lesson for the kid huh? Cry your eyes out because you didn't get what you wanted and the world will owe you.

Here we see another grown man wrestling a foul ball away from a lady.This is even worse than the toddler incident because this man is allegedly a grown man. As a Southern Gentleman I would like to take this dateless yahoo behind the barn and teach him some manners.

Is there no decency left in baseball? I propose that we all drop our attention of this horrible game and turn our attention to NASCAR. I promise you there won't be any fighting in the stands if a tire, a fender or even an entire car comes flying over the fence. The fans will be running the opposite way just as we all should be running from professional baseball. Truly professional baseball is a game for the short sighted, ill mannered and socially inept.