What a tough gig. Some folks that work for Maxim magazine went around the country looking at hot co-eds. Oh drat!

At least that's what the folks at the popular men's magazine Maxim are telling us about how they selected LSU as the "Sexiest College" in the country.

"Take a road trip down to Baton Rouge, where football is king, gumbo abounds and the student bodies are magna cum hotties," Maxim's staff wrote about LSU on the list.

Apparently staff of Maxim compiled the list as they "traveled from sea to sexy sea on a mission to find the most titillating people, places and inanimate objects our great land has to offer."

Again, what a tough gig.

You can check out the full list of "The Sexiest Things in America" right here. Be warned, "Sexiest Place to Eat Boudin", not on the list!