During the Olympic games I am hoping that we will hear the Star Spangled Banner many times as our nation's flag is raised high above the crowd during the medal ceremonies. Our nations song is a very beautiful song, but a very hard song to sing.

I have spoken to many singers about it and they will tell you that singing the 'Anthem' is about as high pressured a gig as there is. Just ask Luke Bryan about his adventure with the song at Major League Baseball's All-Star game.

What should be the policy of singing our national anthem? Since the song stands for all of us should there be limits on what a performer can or can't do with the song? I think we all swelled with pride when Whitney Houston did that amazing performance at the Superbowl a few years back, yet well all cringed when Roseanne Barr did her version before a baseball game.

Is this a freedom of speech issue or is simply a matter of proper respect and protocol that should good American's should follow. Before you state your case, watch this video. Give me your thoughts on whether you think this was a performance that honored America or left America with a very red face.