According to the Examiner, the cute little Pillsbury dough boy isn't giggling too much today as the company has placed a recall on it's 'Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with Icing.' Everyone all together now, 'AWWWWW MAN!' According to the company, a select number of cinnamon rolls 'may contain fragments from a broken piece of plastic on the production line.' The recall is nationwide according to Daily Finance who made the announcement yesterday, September 6th.

Ready for the good news? Thought so. It was also announced that the situation appears to only be short-term because not all of the product was affected. "Only eight-count single and double cylinders containing icing are included in the Pillsbury recall." None of the other products are being recalled. And all together we say, "WHEWWWW!"

If you and your family are avid Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll lovers, here are the lots/tubes to look for that have been affected (look for the 'better if used date'):

  • 30OCT2013 AND 31OCT2013 (for eight-count single packages)
  • 18OCT2013, 26OCT2013 and 31OCT2013 (for eight-count double packages)

For any proud Pillsbury customers who would like more information or have questions, you can visit the General Mills website or call their hot line at 1-800-775-4777.