Lena Mae Beasley is 87 years old and suffers from dementia. But that didn't stop her from wanting to run in Olney, Texas' Fun Run for cancer last week.

The Fun Run was on the date of her late husband's birthday. Her son Jimmy is also currently battling cancer. She decided to complete the "Run" for them.

So, Mrs. Lena left her nursing home, grabbed her walker and an overcoat. With the help of a police motorcade and her doctor in a golf cart, she participated in the Fun Run.

Lena's niece Linda Harrison told a local TV station: "It was her determination because he was able to walk again. That she was determined to do this relay for life, that's the kind of person she is. If she's 87 and she could do that, then by golly I ought to be doing more than I'm doing."