You mean we still haven't gotten to the qualifying phase of this election? That is the sad truth my friends. We the people of the great state of Louisiana have 30 more days to wait before the candidates can officially qualify for the offices they intend to run for.

If you thought the political rhetoric was bad now, just wait until it becomes official. That's what many political pundits and insiders are suggesting. Especially when it comes to Louisiana's very tightly contested Senate race. Technically there are more than two candidates that are seeking your vote for that office, however only two, Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy are generating big numbers in the polls.

One Louisiana political observer, Dr. Wayne Parent, a Professor of Political Science at LSU says after qualifying is when the political landscape changes dramatically.

"Senator Landrieu is running on her track record..running on Louisiana,any Republican and Congressman Cassidy is going to run on national politics and run on the Republican brand in the state which is doing quite well."

Parent made his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. The Louisiana Senate race remains one of the tightest races in history. This next month and then the run up to election day in November will be crucial times for Mary Landrieu.