You have seen the breath strips that taste like mouthwash haven't you? They are tiny little strips of a gelatin that dissolve in your mouth leaving your breath with a just brushed feeling. It is called thin film drug delivery for those that like be all scientific.

This commercial is for a product that I think has some great potential. The Ranch Dressing flavored dissolving strip might not seem like a good idea at first blush but I am going to tell you why it is.

How many times have you wanted just a taste of something? Then after a small taste you wound up eating the entire bag of chips, 3 pounds of boudin or an entire pot of gumbo? What if we could fool your brain and your body into thinking you were eating those good tasting foods when you were actually filling up on rice cakes, packing peanuts or cardboard?

Think of how much mindless eating you're going to be doing today during the big game? You're just going to eat because there is food out there. With this strip of flavor  you might find yourself able to pass on the high calorie food and go for the healthy veggies.

Wouldn't it be easier to snack on carrots if you had the taste of Ranch Dressing in your mouth? Same would go for celery and other fresh veggies. You could eat healthier, have the great flavor of Ranch and not add any extra calories or fat.

What other great flavors would you like to see in a dissolving strip? Perhaps beer, whiskey, daiquiri or Taco Bell. If you didn't have to consume all the calories and could still enjoy the flavor wouldn't it make dieting a whole lot easier?

Oh yeah, there is one other thing I probably need to mention, this isn't a real product. Sorry if I got your hopes up.