The mandatory season of giving is now behind us and we're into the season of giving to yourself. Some call it tax return season. I call it making up for all the worthless stuff I got as Christmas gifts. No, I am not ungrateful, I am just hard to shop for. I have been very blessed to be provided with more stuff than I will ever need, but there are a few things that I think I might want.

  • 1

    Bottle Opener Case For iPhone

    This gadget must have come from the love child of Albert Einstein and Adolphus Busch. Talk about the perfect case for a telephone. Not only will this bad boy protect your phone from the elements, it can actually open your beer. Now when the wife is nagging you about having your phone out at social gathering you can just tell her that you are standing at the ready to help fellow party goers with their next round.

  • 2

    Waterproof Note Pad

    I do my best thinking in the bathroom. You probably do your best thinking in the bathroom too. One of my favorite thinking spots is in the shower. It's where I have all of these incredible conversations in my head, leading to my best ideas. The problem is I forget them by the time I get dried off and can reach a notepad. Problem solved with this bad boy. I could write stories, jokes, riddles and inappropriate messages to the wife too!
  • 3

    Outdoor Beach Back Pillow

    If you come with us to Boots in the Sand in February, you won't need this because the Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort has your comfort already taken care of. If you're just hitting the beach at Gulf Shores or you're looking for a great way to sit by the pool without the expensive furniture this is perfect for you. Simply blow this pillow up and you can prop up for reading, bikini watching or providing a proper altitude for drinking a beer.
  • 4

    Fruit Juice Spritzer

    Fresh grilled seafood is a staple in South Louisiana. What really makes the flavor pop? A squeeze of fresh lemon juice really makes your taste buds dance. The problem with squeezing a lemon on to your plate or into the pan is the seeds. What if you could get all juice and have a nice even coating to really balance the blast of flavor? This handy spritzer slips right into any lemon, lime or orange and lets you pump out the juice as you need it.
  • 5

    Glow In The Dark Toilet Tissue

    As someone who spends a lot of time in the dark and often gets fussed at for turning on lights, this product is a true lifesaver. Not only does it adequately provide a beacon of confidence that when that special time is over you can clean with certainty, it also offers a bit of mood lighting when you are in that zone. I think if we would have had this while we were toilet training our kids it would have sped up the process. What kid doesn't enjoy using stuff that glows in the dark? Especially us kids that are over 50!